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Helping and Linking Verbs

Helping Verb = verb from the song plus an action verb

Ex:  She is dancing to the music.


Linking Verb = verb from the song alone

Ex.  Mark is a handsome man.


Helping Verb Song (tune of "It's a Small World")

Is am are was were be being been

Has have had do does did

Shall will should would

May might must can could.

Preposition List


aboard about  above  across  after  against  along  amid  among  around  as  at

before  behind  below  beneath  beside  besides  between  beyond  by

concerning  considering

despite  down  during  except  excepting  excluding

following  for  from

in  inside  into



of  off  on  onto  opposite  outside  over    on top of




than  through  to  toward  towards

under  underneath  unlike  until  up  upon



with  within  without

5th Grade

To access 5th grade teachers through e-mail, please select the following links:

Diane Toombs

Cathleen Cantwell

Anne Whipp


Cantwell, Cathleen Teacher
Toombs, Diane Teacher
Whipp, Anne Teacher


 Welcome to 5th grade!  With your support we encourage a respectful learning environment where your child will learn to be a more responsible and reflective student.  5th grade requires students to learn and use study skills in order to become more successful. We hope this site will be a tool for all who use it.


P.E. is almost every morning during the fall.  Please make sure you have a water bottle, towel to lay on, appropriate shoes, and a hat/suncreen to protect your face.

Physical Fitness Testing!!!

In March we will begin the state physical fitness testing.  Please be sure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing and shoes.  Also, please feel free to practice the following with your child at home:

-push ups